Project Red Ribbon


This game is a 2D Run & Gun platformer inspired by Cuphead and Super Mario. The protagonist is Qi, a robot that was built to give love and happiness to the world, which was abandoned by his creator for unknown reasons. Qi must go through all the worlds in his land to reach a portal in space that sent to all of the worlds some bosses that turned good people into evil creatures.

Qi must be the hero of the world because he's the only one that can defeat the demon behind all of this. Qi is a descendant of the long gone and famous Dreamoar dinasty, a family that once ruled over the world in harmony and peace between humans and robots. The first king and queen reigned in the land of Bluemar, which was destroyed by the war between humans and robots. This war started when the robot son of the king and the queen was killed by that same demon that created the portal. It has the power to transform the entire universe into an infinite land of desperation and pain for all living beings.

The artistic style of the game is cartoonish, colorful and fun, but it contains elements that are very profound or disturbing. Along his journey, Qi will meet a lot of people and new friends that he will help against the evil creatures. There will be a lot of comic and profound cutscenes and dialogs, to make the player really feel like they're part of the story.

  • Category Games
  • Date 3 December 2019
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